Readers’ Notes

Children of War full eimage“The style and content of this book is a perfect match to at-risk youth. It is powerful and accessible –the two things that material must be to reach these kids.”                                                    – Dr. Brad Chabin, Ph.D., MFT

“Children of War: The Mike Rodriguez Story is medicine to soothe the wounds of abuse.”

“Its genius, its obstacle. Its hope, its hump.”

“This book is a tool that young people can use as a vehicle for change; to break the pattern of addiction and abuse.”

“I am certain that anyone reading this book will be – or has been – deeply moved by its humanity, hardship, redemption and tragedy.”

“This book should be required reading for sociology and psychology curriculum.”

“Mike is a caring, damaged person who wanted only to keep other children from the pain and torture he endured.”


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